Aberystwyth MSc Information and Library Studies

The following assignments are shared not because they are particularly spectacular, but because I thought those out there considering applying to study an MSc in librarianship might be interested to see the types of things that are covered (indeed, maybe there are those who aren’t considering doing such a course, but wonder what on earth a Masters in librarianship would cover – it’s not shushing).

I have only shared assignments that were either a distinction or borderline (I’m not going to share the ones that were some way off 70% for good reason!).  One caveat I should add, all of these assignments were completed between 2007 (when I started the course) and 2010 (at Aberystwyth). If you are interested in reading my dissertation, “To what extent do community libraries address the concerns of the digital divide?“, it is available here.

Information and Society‘The relationship between the information rich and the information poor is the central political dilemma of the information society’ (John Feather, 2004: 136). Discuss. [PDF 195KB]

Information Organisation and Retrieval – Assignment One (Journal Article):  User-based tagging as information retrieval: possibilities and limitations [PDF 160KB].

Information Organisation and Retrieval – Assignment TwoCreate a catalogue record [PDF 334KB].

Management StudiesBusiness plan on the introduction of ebooks [PDF 259KB].

Marketing of ServicesMarketing the Information Services Division at Ceredigion University [246KB]

Research in the ProfessionAnalysis of “The Digital Divide as a Complex and Dynamic Phenomenon” by Jan van Dijk and Ken Hacker [106KB]