An introduction to Voices for the Library

Presentation delivered at a CPD25 event on the impact of the Browne report on academic libraries and focuses on how Voices for the Library came to be and why.

SFX, Metalib, Mobile Services and Social Networks

Delivered at the British Library as part of the 2011 Ex Libris Products User Group, UK and Ireland conference.  It explores the ways in which social networking tools and mobile devices can be utilised in connecting users to online resources.

Speak up for libraries

Full text of the speech I delivered on behalf of Voices for the Library at the 2012 Speak Up For Libraries rally (March 13th), available here.

Escaping the Echo Chamber: Advocacy outside our own circle

Presentation delivered at Lighting the Future: a joint YLG, SLG and SLA weekend course held in 2012.  The presentation covers the background of Voices for the Library, how it operates, what it has achieved and seeks to provide practical examples of how to advocate for libraries in channels not normally within their sphere of influence.

Designing a better library experience

A presentation delivered at the CPD25 event Engaging Students: Obtaining And Using Feedback In Libraries And Universities.  The presentation looks at the background to the HE sector, how social media can help universities and libraries in the new environment and how social media (specifically Twitter) has been used in my institution.

Using Twitter to obtain feedback

A presentation delivered at the M25 Customer Service Group Conference, “Professionalism and Engagement in Customer Service”. This presentation looks at how Twitter can be used to engage with students and obtain feedback.